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Augmented Reality is the Future of Education

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Speaking of augmented reality (AR) we mean putting virtual objects onto the real world, in other words, augmenting our reality with computer visualizations. Just like virtual reality (VR, a fully computer-generated artificial environment), it is mainly associated with entertainment and the gaming industry (remember the Pokemon Go app). But AR also has great potential for other spheres of life, especially for education.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the opportunities AR reveals for the learning process.

The Benefits AR Brings to Education

The new generation — so-called Alpha — is being formed from the children born within 2010-2025 years and significantly differs from all the previous ones. These children use technologies almost since their birth and are surrounded by the most massive information flows in history. No wonder that they require a brand new approach to education — the one capable of keeping the attention and being interesting.

All other pupils and students of any age would also benefit from the implementation of new technologies to the learning process. Let us now see what can the AR technology bring to education.

The best possible involvement

The AR technology allows creating a new level of gamification as well as an incredible effect of presence. Imagine that during your history lesson Napoleon Bonapart tells his story in person standing right in front of you. Or how would you like the opportunity to see the platypus in detail rotating it as it was your pet? The learning process would become much more involving and interesting, the information would be processed more effectively, and better stored in the brain.

Making complicated things simple

AR helps visualize abstract and sophisticated concepts which makes them simpler for understanding and easier to memorize. In case of a need for more details, textbooks and other study materials can provide links (for example, via QR code) to additional materials helping to deepen into the topic.

Accessibility and affordability

Some of the AR applications for education run via special equipment which is costly and demands the investment most institutions and students do not have. At the same time, there is a number of apps that require only a smartphone and that makes them accessible and affordable for almost all the children and adults: you just need to point the device at the picture to get the 3D detailed visualization or other additional data. One more significant benefit is the weight of a smartphone comparing to heavy piles of books kids have to take to school and back.

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More eco-friendly learning

AR meanwhile makes an investment in environment protection: since a lot of data is digitized and visualized, there is no need for duplicating it in print. It means that in the future there will be fewer textbooks and other physical study materials which will result in less industrial and transportation pollution as well as fewer cut-down trees and used water.

Safe and effective training

The AR-empowered educational solutions can be focused not only on theoretical learning but also on the improvement of technical and professional skills. We have already written about how AR visualizations help in educating medical students and practicians: surgical operations can be practiced with the help of AR-reconstructed real cases instead of mannequins. The AR-based software can also model the situations and processes aimed at simplifying the development of professional skills in the cosmos and military industries as well as in the sphere of manufacturing.

The Bottom Line

The process of education goes faster and more effective when it is involving and inspiring. Books with plain text accompanied by images and diagrams do not cope with that task anymore and there is a need for new methodologies and approaches. At SCAND, we believe that the future of education lies in the implementation of innovative technologies and AR is one of the most promising. We are full of enthusiasm for creating AR-based educational solutions and already have the required skills and relevant experience. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner to make your progressive ideas a reality, contact us!

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