Babbel can help you learn the languages you missed in school

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TL;DR: Want to learn a new language (or two or three)? As of Jan. 18, Mashable readers can get a lifetime subscription to Babbel language learning(Opens in a new window) for $225 — that’s 55% in savings.

We’ve all faced some harsh realities in recent years. With changes coming fast and furiously, it has caused some of us to rethink some of our life choices. For example, maybe you wished you had joined drama in high school or taken a new language seriously.

According to a Federal Reserve survey, almost 40 percent of American college graduates say they have misgivings(Opens in a new window) about their choice of a major, according to a Federal Reserve survey. Most dissatisfied with their decisions were humanities and arts majors. If that sounds a little too close for comfort and you lament some of your educational roads less traveled, the Babbel Language Learning (Opens in a new window)App could be a fantastic way to help balance the ledger.

Whether you want a practical new skill like speaking Spanish or Russian for work or wish to acquire a deeper understanding of world regions by learning Polish, French, or Indonesian, Babbel’s online learning method could help you speak a new language. Boasting more than 10 million subscriptions sold, the professionals at Babbel claim this approach can get you to speak and understand your new language of choice in as little as three weeks.

The learning happens through its claim to expertly crafted lessons, fashioned by seasoned linguists and educators who supposedly step beyond the garden variety language lab approach. Instead, Babbel aims to deliver 10-minute lessons(Opens in a new window), imparting core vocabulary and sentence structure through dialogue with actual native speakers.

As users assimilate understanding and speaking around foundational topics like the weather, meals, or friends and family, learners could organically begin to piece together basic phrases and sentences used in everyday speech. As lessons are made to fit together like building blocks, the structure of the language starts to kick in, which helps to accelerate comprehension and might even help you speak your new language a bit faster.

In addition, with its state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, Babbel is designed to actually listen to your speech, identify areas of improvement, then tailor future teachings to shore up your trouble spots.

Mashable readers can earn exclusive access to the entire roster of Babbel’s language learning materials(Opens in a new window) for $225, which is 55% off the regular price of a lifetime subscription.

Prices subject to change.

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