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Infosys Interview Experience for DSE

I applied for the Infosys off-campus drive on 13th December 2021 and I received the confirmation on 15th Jan that I have been shortlisted. On 27th Jan, I received the test link. 

Online round: The test for DSE and SP roles is of 3hours, there were 3 coding questions only, no MCQs or technical questions. The coding questions were based on DSA, of medium and hard levels. In my case, the first question was based on arrays, the second one was based on searching and sorting, and the third one seemed to be based on DP. I was able to solve the first one fully, and some part of the second one also. 

Then on 1st March, I received the mail that I have been short-listed for the DSE interview. On the 4th I received the mail regarding the virtual technical interview. On the 7th, HR mailed me to confirm whether I would attend the interview or not, I sent the confirmation and it was scheduled on the 8th morning (9.15 AM).

For the interview preparation, I went through lots of archives on Geeks for Geeks, those were very helpful.

Technical Interview: The interviewer was a kind of experienced and aged person. He was taking interviews with others also. Just gave a short introduction, then the interviewer gave me two questions to solve.

  1.  He gave me some numbers and I had to tell if those are prime or not. And he also asked for the square of 19 without calculating it.
  2.  The second question was to write the code for “Length of longest common subsequence”, he asked me to write the code on paper and send a photo of it on WhatsApp.
  3.  He asked me some technical questions also, like what is difference between authentication and authorization is.

That was all, and he said that I could leave the meeting. On 12 April, I received the mail that they offered me the DSE role at Infosys. 

Waiting for my offer letter.

For preparation, I solved many problems on Geeks for Geeks(140+ problems), HackerRank, and Leetcode(90+), and also used to give CP contests on CodeChef. For the DSA I referred to the GFG articles and some YouTube resources along with the book “Data Structures and Algorithms made easy” by Narasimha Karumanchi. 

Note: If you could solve more than 2 questions on the online coding assessment, then you might get the Specialist Programmer role (one of my friends got it). 

What do you think?

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