Twitter is hosting a garage sale (kind of)

twitter is hosting a garage sale kind of 63c9413f06f0d

Have you ever wanted to buy 68 Belkin power strips(Opens in a new window) that once belonged to Twitter? Well, first, I’d say you have some pretty specific tastes, but guess what? You are in luck.

Twitter, under the sterling leadership of maverick/boygenius Elon Musk, is selling off assets from its San Francisco headquarters. It’s a wild collection of weird, mundane objects, including that large stack of power strips.

At the time of this writing, there were just a few hours left on the online auction from Heritage Global Partners, so peruse and get your bids in while you’re still able(Opens in a new window). The range of things to buy was pretty interesting, considering tech giants long made it a point to have offices well stocked with food, booze, coffee, and fancy furniture. There’s the neon Twitter bird(Opens in a new window) with a current bid past $35,000. There’s six fake leather chairs(Opens in a new window) somehow getting a $1,000 bid. An @ sculpture(Opens in a new window) for $12,000. A single Eames(Opens in a new window) chair for $1,400. Or, a personal favorite, the industrial food smoker(Opens in a new window) for $700.

The sale comes amid financial woes for Twitter, which has struggled under Musk’s unpredictable leadership. The company reportedly has a massive interest bill coming due(Opens in a new window), which might explain the slew of cost-cutting measures employed by Musk, including this garage sale of sorts, firing half the staff, and apparently straight-up refusing(Opens in a new window) to pay rent.

The bids on these used Twitter items do seem pretty ridiculous thus far — in some cases, people are paying more for used items than they would cost new. So perhaps this is a big step forward for Musk in his bid to keep his new toy afloat. If you want to contribute, go ahead and bid. And if anyone wants to buy me a smoker… I’m all ears.

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